Domestic Business Division

  • Domestic Business Division
  • Domestic Business Division
  • Domestic Business Division

Air Water Materials is a trading company that deals in basic chemicals essential for all industries, high purity chemicals for the electronics field, electrical insulation materials, resin molded products, electronic components, magnetic components such as coils and transformers, and electrical and electronic materials such as printed circuit boards. We are a community-based business support company that responds in a timely manner to customer needs by providing a wide range of products. In addition, as a company that contributes to realizing a recycling-oriented society and resolving issues faced by the earth and society, we are actively developing business investments and focusing on environmental business.

<Main functions>

  1. We provide materials for our customers' products and the most advanced information in association with manufacturers.
  2. Regarding resin molded products, we provide customers with the necessary quantities and processing.
  3. We provide development of electronic components, board mounting, power supply equipment(EMS/DMS), contract of design and production of set assembly including harnesses and sheet metal together with domestic and overseas partner companies.
  4. We provide consistent solutions to our customers, from component procurement to product completion taking advantage of our strengths as a trading company.
  5. We have our own storage and supply system for basic chemicals. In addition, we have particular storage equipment to maintain the quality of materials for the electronics field.
  6. We propose and provide solar power, binary power generation, energy-saving lighting equipment to support customers business management, protecting precious resources and the environment.
  7. We support the design, production, construction, and management of plant equipment, painting work and waterproofing work.


International Business Division

We have global business network in Japan (Tokyo, Fukuoka) and 10 sites in 6 countries (*1 ), and offer consistent service to our customers through our own supply system same as in Japan (*2).
We are dealing with such products as consumable materials, raw materials and manufacturing equipment, supplying them to the customers in automotive, semiconductor, liquid-crystals and electronic devices fields.
Moreover, we suggest to their mother factory in Japan to help them making cost reduction and improving quality in their mass production factories abroad.
Especially in China, our affiliated company have wire harness factories, and contribute to development of automotive industry which are computerized rapidly.

  • *1: China (Yingkou, Shanghai), Taiwan (Taipei, Hsin-chu, Tainan), Thailand   (Bangkok), Singapore, Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur, Kulim), Philippine(Laguna)
  • *2: Just-in-time supply system, in which provide materials to the customers’ factory with VMI function