Chemical products

Silicon Rare-earth magnet
Organic chemicals Inorganic chemicals
Food additives Functional materials
Environmental products Packaging material
Adhesive material Fluoride solution
Varnish, Oil  

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Electrical and electronical materials

Electrical insulating materials Laminated sheet
Electric wire, cable High-purity chemicals
Embrocation for semiconductor fabrication
Materials for packaging and carriage
Substrate Parts, Accessories
Metallic materials, Quartz Labels

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Processing & Molding

Metal processing Plastic processing

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Energy & Environment

PV system Energy-saving materials
Equipment & plant Equipment diagnosis
Paint application Industrial cleaning

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High-pressure gas  

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Various electronic components

Condensers, SW power supplies, adapters, coils, transformers, etc. Porcelain parts
Outsourced press products, harnesses, printed circuit boards, and custom power supplies Developed products

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